21. Credits and Thanks

I would like to thank everyone who helped me learn NES programming, especially the people at forum.nesdev.com

I learned a lot from the example code for cc65 written by Shiru. I’ve used a few bits and pieces of code from his example files. Also the Famitone2 code and NES Screen Tool were written by Shiru. Check out his games on his website…


(scroll down to NES/Famicom) or check out the cc65 examples yourself…


(click on “these small example programs”).

And, two of his games are available (or soon will be) for sale from GreetingCarts (Retroscribe) here…


Or here, maybe…



Also, I want to thank THEFOX for his help when I was getting started using cc65. And also for the cc65 example code I found on his website (but isn’t there anymore ?).


Well, anyway, you can still play his game, Streemerz.

I also want to thank Rainwarrior for his Coltrane demo, which was written for cc65. You can find the example code on his website…


Also, be sure to check out his Lizard Game (soon to be finished, I believe).


Thanks to everyone.

Now, if I can only figure out how to program a SNES game…



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