Update – Games I’m Working On


Update (9-7-2016), I changed the code on every link. Most of the changes are cosmetic (making the comments easier to read). I also added a second V-blank wait at the start of the startup code…which I must have accidentally erased when I copied/pasted from some other code.

Also, I added a PPU mirroring write in the MMC3 example code. Apparently, because MMC3 can switch modes, it must be explicitly set to work on real hardware.

Finally, I put all the ‘every frame’ stuff in the NMI code. These are things that need to be done exactly during v-blank, and inside the NMI code is really the only way to guarantee that.

Update (10-17-2016) I updated reset.s in every file, to make sure that initlib and copydata were included. Also changed, added Wait_Vblank(); to several files, just before rendering was turned on, to fix 1 frame of misaligned screens. Finally, changed the .cfg file on the MMC3 examples, to include the missing segments that I had deleted.

I have been working on my Vigilante Ninja 2 game, off and on, and a few other games.

Levels 1-3 are complete. Here’s a link to levels 1-3. Still need to do Level 4-5, and change the Title Screen, and change the music, and add some cut-scenes. Link updated 8-12-2016. I’ve fixed several bugs.



me screen shots…







Hopefully, I can get all my current NES projects done this year (2016).


Also, I worked a little more on the SPACY SHOOTY game. I will post the source code at some time in the future. Here’s the link…



Update Oct 13, 2016 –

Finished level 4 of the Ninja game.


Also, I just finished helping out with the music programming of…probably the biggest NES game released this year…Haunted Halloween ’86. It will be available soon. And the quality is top notch.┬áIt will be sold here…


and in the Cash In Culture Stores in about a month. Go check it out.