Update – Games I’m Working On


Update (9-7-2016), I changed the code on every link. Most of the changes are cosmetic (making the comments easier to read). I also added a second V-blank wait at the start of the startup code…which I must have accidentally erased when I copied/pasted from some other code.

Also, I added a PPU mirroring write in the MMC3 example code. Apparently, because MMC3 can switch modes, it must be explicitly set to work on real hardware.

Finally, I put all the ‘every frame’ stuff in the NMI code. These are things that need to be done exactly during v-blank, and inside the NMI code is really the only way to guarantee that.

Update (10-17-2016) I updated reset.s in every file, to make sure that initlib and copydata were included. Also changed, added Wait_Vblank(); to several files, just before rendering was turned on, to fix 1 frame of misaligned screens. Finally, changed the .cfg file on the MMC3 examples, to include the missing segments that I had deleted.

I have been working on my Vigilante Ninja 2 game, off and on, and a few other games.

Levels 1-3 are complete. Here’s a link to levels 1-3. Still need to do Level 4-5, and change the Title Screen, and change the music, and add some cut-scenes. Link updated 8-12-2016. I’ve fixed several bugs.



me screen shots…







Hopefully, I can get all my current NES projects done this year (2016).


Also, I worked a little more on the SPACY SHOOTY game. I will post the source code at some time in the future. Here’s the link…



Update Oct 13, 2016 –

Finished level 4 of the Ninja game.


Also, I just finished helping out with the music programming of…probably the biggest NES game released this year…Haunted Halloween ’86. It will be available soon. And the quality is top notch. It will be sold here…


and in the Cash In Culture Stores in about a month. Go check it out.





4 thoughts on “Update – Games I’m Working On

    1. Thanks, I’m working on a few things, lately, so it will take me a little longer than I had planned. But, I’m learning more as I go, so that might = better games, once they are all done.


      1. Ya And I just started to learn some c and I’m bound to be ready to go and learn some more with your tutorial on to make a NES game. More people should learn to program NES games. P.S. I played your game it’s really good!


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