Vigilante Ninja 2 (and other games)


I have been working on my Vigilante Ninja 2 game, off and on for 2 years (and a few other games). It is finished. All 5 levels. And, I put a few copies on cartridges.

If you would like a copy, send me an e-mail. I have a hotmail account that starts like dougfraker2. I’m also on twitter @nesdoug2.



some screen shots…(note, the color choices have changed for the final version)








Level 4 –


Also, I also helped out with the music programming of…probably the biggest NES game released of [2016]…Haunted Halloween ’86. It is available at…

and in the Cash In Culture Stores. Go check it out.



Purple Cape Man, Vigilante Ninja (aka Vigilante Ninja 1)

This was my first NES game, that I programmed before I knew anything about NES programming. It’s crap, but you might have fun playing it anyway.





4 thoughts on “Vigilante Ninja 2 (and other games)

    1. Thanks, I’m working on a few things, lately, so it will take me a little longer than I had planned. But, I’m learning more as I go, so that might = better games, once they are all done.


      1. Ya And I just started to learn some c and I’m bound to be ready to go and learn some more with your tutorial on to make a NES game. More people should learn to program NES games. P.S. I played your game it’s really good!


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