Update – Feb 2017

I edited every cfg. file to include a “ONCE” segment, so that they will compile with the latest version of cc65.

I also included a makefile in every lesson folder, for Linux users, or people that prefer to use Gnu Make over .bat files. Actually, Linux users will have to edit the makefile slightly. Just uncomment the rm *.o lines and comment the del *.o lines.

In other news, Shiru has updated the NES Screen Tool, to allow non standard nametable sizes (ie, larger ones for scrolling games). Also fixed was a minor RLE encoder bug.

I submitted 2 entries into the 2016 nesdev game competition. Here they are…


Flappy Jack



Rock Paper Scissors (and Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock…I mean Sbock).


Interesting side note…neither of these games were programmed in C. Both were written in ASM for asm6.

And, I’m working on a top secret project right now, that will probably be sold in stores. Hopefully. No, not the ninja game…I’ve shoved that on the back burner for a bit.

Also, for more cc65 source code, visit the Mojon Twins website (caution, NSFW content). Their games are usually open source.



Update – 3/26/2017

I’ve been working on a Python3 NES disassembler. It’s not done, but seems to be working for 80-90% of the games I tried. Reassembles with asm6.

Here is the github page where the Python script is located. PAY ATTENTION to the Usage.txt file.



I have plans to make changes to these tutorials. Maybe add some SNES tutorials (much later), but I definitely need to finish my current projects first.