NES Podcast

Just a shout out to KHAN Games (Kevin Hanley, @atonofglaciers ) and Sole Goose Productions (Beau, @SoleGoose ) for their recent and ongoing Podcasts.

The Assembly Line discusses all aspects of NES homebrewing, and live interviews with homebrewers. I’ve listened to them, and rate it a “must listen” broadcast for anyone programming the NES, or just anyone interested in games and game production.

I’ve found multiple links…I think these all work.

Good stuff guys. Looking forward to more.



How to make a coloring book page from any image.

Using GIMP. Open the image.


Color / Desaturate


Filters / Edge-Detect / Edge…

I just used whatever was standard settings = Sobel, 2.0, Smear.


Color / Invert


Color / Curves

Put a dot near the middle and then drag the right side up.



Lets put a border on it.

-Select All

-Select / shrink, 3 pixels

-Select / invert selection

-Pencil Tool, choose black, draw over the edge


Change print size.┬áImage / print size / 8″ wide (or 10.5″ tall).

And print your coloring book page.