Jammin Honey

Here’s my entry to the nesdev 2017 game competition. Jammin Honey. You play as Honey, and have to battle your way through 30 levels of slime monsters and fire breathing bullies and spiked floors. Collect enough notes to clear the level. 10,000 pts for a bonus life. 3 levels of difficulty.


One cool feature, is, you can customize Honey’s outfit and guitar colors.




I tried to make it feel like an early old-school game. Like the kind you would see at the arcade around 1982-3. Here’s a free download. Enjoy!


(link updated Mar 14, 2018, boss blinks when hit now)


Controls –

left/right – run

up/down – climb ladders

start – pause

B – strum the guitar to attack

A – jump


Also, I wrote some game genie codes for this game…

-no bees – PEUYNYAA

-start with 10 lives – PEUNVYAA
-start with 20 lives – ZEUNVYAA
-start with 30 lives – LEUNVYAA

-start at level 10 – PEKNOYAE
-start at level 15 – TEKNOYAE
-start at level 20 – LOKNOYAA
-start at level 25 – AOKNOYAE
-start at boss (level 30) – IOKNOYAE
-disable dmc channel (no guitar sound) – YAOEXSYO
(fixes potential bug on AVS)


What does 2018 hold for me?

I will probably be quiet and not write many posts here. But, I am working hard on another NES game that will end up on a cartridge. Still too soon to mention any details, unfortunately. Stay tuned.

And, 2019? SNES homebrew, maybe. Time will tell.



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