Update, bug fix

There was a minor bug in the neslib example code that I used for 8 different files. In crt0.s in the reset (startup) code, it failed to turn off the APU frame counter IRQ. This won’t cause a problem if interrupts are disabled, but if IRQs were turned on it would fire an IRQ at inappropriate times.

Specifically these lines were missing…

ldx #$40
stx $4017

which is actually written like this in the source code, now.

ldx #$40

If you were using the crt0.s file from any of my source codes, you should redownload the file.

I also edited several other source code files in insignificant ways. It shouldn’t cause any problems, unless I accidentally filled the .zip file incorrectly, before reposting to dropbox.


These are NOT the major revisions that I mentioned. I have plans to rewrite the tutorial completely, and make it shorter and simpler and use the neslib, to make it more compatible with code that other people are writing. Standardization is the goal.



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