Links and Misc.

Here’s some example codes from Shiru’s website…(the link near the top that says “these small example programs” ).

I have a copy that works with the version I’ve been using for the past 2 years, cc65 version 2.15

You can import a MIDI file to famitracker (an older version). I discussed it on this post.

You can download the famitracker here (4.2 is the last version that imported MIDI)


Other projects in C.

Mojon Twins





Famitone Updates

I wrote 2 unofficial updates to the famitone music driver. NOTE. I fixed the bugs (I think).

famitone 3, which adds all notes and a volume column (sacrifices some efficiency in size and speed).

And famitone 4, which adds 1xx, 2xx, and 4xx effect support.

And famitone 5, which adds 3xx, Qxx, Rxx, duty cycles, and sfx > 256 bytes.

I have used these in some of my games. Jammin Honey and Flappy Jack, for example.

I added some other features and bug fixes, which I put in the original version also…

-added song names to file output
-added command line switch -allin prevents removal of unused instruments
-added command line switch -Wno suppresses warnings about unsupported effects

-multiple D00 effects (different channels) incorrect pattern length
-Bxx below D00 effect (different channels) incorrect pattern length
-Bxx loop back causing wrong instrument inserted at loop point

example of new switches:
text2vol filename.txt -ca65 -allin -Wno

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