04. Full background

Under construction.

Writing a full screen as a RLE compressed file.

I wrote another blog page, a while back, about importing a BMP file into NES Screen Tool. Here…


I’m using the same graphics (Girl3.chr), and I’ve saved my NES Screen Tool (.nss) file as a compressed rle file, “Nametable/Save Nametable and Attributes/RLE packed as C header .h”. Now we can import it into the C code, and print it to the background.

A full nametable is 1024 bytes. We can’t do this with the screen on, so turn it off, then set a starting address, and call the rle function.





So far, I’ve forgotten to mention the palette. I had to change it to make it brown shades. I’m going to discuss this in more detail later. pal_bg() sets the palette for the BG.





neslib makes it easy to change the brightness of the screen. You can do this with pal_bright(), using a value between 0 (black) and 8 (white). 4 = normal.

I borrowed a function from Shiru’s “Chase” game, and it’s very easy to use.

pal_fade_to(0,4); // fade from black to normal

pal_fade_to(4,0); // fade from normal to black






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