How to Program an NES game in C

Thanks for visiting. Come back again, because I will make updates from time to time. All files updated, 02/09/2017. See Update link for details.

Vigilante Ninja 2 – my NES game is complete!



1. Getting Started

2. How cc65 works

3. Our first program

4. What’s a V-blank

5. A little color

6. Sprites

7. Input

8. Sprite Collisions

9. Drawing a full background

10. Background Collisions

11. Scrolling

12. Basic Platformer

13. Sprite 0 Trick / Debugging

14. Intro to Sound

15. Adding music

16. Adding Sound Effects

17. Planning a Game

18. Game Coding

19. Game Coding 2

20. Game Coding 3

21. Credits and Thanks

22. More

Contact, My Stuff

23. Using DMC Sounds

24. MMC3, Bank-switching, IRQs

25. Importing a MIDI to Famitracker

26. ASM Basics

27. ASM part 2

28. ASM part 3

29. ASM part 4

30. ASM part 5

Update (Oct 2016)

Update (Feb 2017)

I’ve decided to add some examples, using the neslib code.

My neslib Notes

Simple neslib Examples

NES Screen Tool BMP Import

Import Full Background as RLE

Update Aug 2017 / CFG files

Sprites, Again

Sprite Collision, and Controllers

Sprite BG Collision, Pong

Add Music with Famitracker

All Ways Scrolling (not finished)


A List of NES Hombrew Games

famitone3.2 / annotatecc65

Jammin Honey





9 thoughts on “How to Program an NES game in C

    1. If you click on “Neslib Example Code” and download the link, there is a version that works with the newest cc65 (as of Nov 2017). It’s been slightly edited by me.

      Also, you can go to Mojon Twin’s website, and download the source code to one of their recent games, they always use a version of neslib…


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