16. Sound effects

Even if you have no music talent, you might be able to make some cool sound effects. Music is nice, but sound effects make if feel like a real game.

Again, open famitracker. You can use mostly all the fx and any notes. Put all the sound effects in 1 file, each as its own “song”. Add a song in module properties…


Try to write the music so pulse channel 1 or triangle play the main melody. And then use pulse channel 2 (or noise channel) for sound effects. That way they don’t collide. If you are having problems with sfx cutting out, you could also try to make the sound effects volume louder than the music (at least a little bit). I actually made my sfx quieter than the music, but louder than the Square 2 channel, where most of the sfx play.

They should be rather short. End every effect with C00, and put the C00 on its own line.

Save. Now, export to NSF file.


Open the command prompt and use nsf2data with the -ca65 option. I’m using famitone 2 v1.15. With the nsf file and the nsf2data in the same folder, type CMD in the address bar to open a command prompt, then type…

nsf2data SoundFx.nsf -ca65

and it produced a .s file, which I inlcuded into the project in the crt0.s file, just below the sounds_data label.

And make sure FT_SFX_ENABLE is set at the top, and also that FT_SFX_STREAMS is 1. The init code will initialize our sound effects. Having 1 stream means that only 1 sfx can play at once.

We just need to call the sound effects like…
sfx_play(sfx,channel). Channel means stream, use channel = 0, since we have only 1 activated.

If you want 2-4 streams defined, you could set a channel to 1,2,3. Higher having higher priority. I would caution against having too many, they might conflict. I have used 2 before.

I made it so that jump calls sfx_play(SFX_JUMP, 0). B button plays a noise sfx, and Select button plays a “ding” sfx. I’m going to use that for coin collecting, later.

Start still changes the song.




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