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Here’s another SNES tool that I made. It’s a copy of my previous map editor / tile editor / palette editor, except that this one targets the 256 color / 8bpp modes (Mode 3 and Mode 7).

There is also some example code in the folders that I used to test both modes.


I will write some more details a little later. Mode 7 is completely unlike the other modes, and will need some explanation. (TODO later)



Multiple functions:

-Add Echo to the SPC files exported by SNESGSS.
-Make Echo settings file for the nesdoug’s SNES dev music code
-Export BRR files from SPC files exported by SNESGSS.
(also error checks the settings)

(click on Releases to find the .exe)

Also see SNES example 13 to get the latest music.asm file


Now you can set all the echo parameters with one function. SPC_All_Echo

Just pass it a pointer to the 14 byte array that Echo4GSS makes (Settings/save Settings)

and it sets all the echo settings (and the main volume).

See mainB.asm (in SNES_13) for use. And the readme for Echo4GSS should explain it.

SNES main page


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